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Curious about Hemp & CBD?

Both Hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis family.  While hemp may
look and smell like marijuana it is grown to be under .3% THC.  THC is
the part of the marijuana plant that gets people “high”.  The very low
amount of THC in hemp will not get a you “high” (this does not guarantee
a that a person will not test positive for THC) while giving the
benefits of the other compounds the plant has to offer.  Hemp fibers can
also be used for textile, paper, plastics, and bio fuels while the grain
is rich in protein and Omega nutrients.  With over 50,000 uses for hemp
we have just begun no scratch the surface of what hemp can do.

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of 113 known cannabinoids
found in the cannabis plant.  It was discovered in 1940 but until
recently very little research was done on the effects and interactions
with the human body.  While CBD is present in Marijuana it is much more
dominant in certain strains of hemp.   Research suggests when it
interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body that is can
promote certain health benefits.  CBD interacts with the body without
causing the “high” associated with THC.

Full spectrum refers to an extraction of the entire plant where all
compounds of the plant are in the extraction.  Full spectrum has been
theorized to be more beneficial because of the “entourage effect”.  This
refers to the different compounds that make up the plant all working
together to provide greater benefit than CBD alone.  This whole plant
compound includes major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavenoids,
and other compounds present in the hemp plant.

Isolate is the isolated molecules of CBD made from extracted hemp.
There is no “entourage effect” because you are just utilizing one part
of the plant.  There can still be benefits to using products that
contain only CBD but typically concentrations must be higher.  Because
isolate products remove the THC this may be the best choice for people
who cannot risk testing positive for THC.

There is another form of hemp that bridges the gap between Full Spectrum
and Distillate called Broad Spectrum.  Broad spectrum contains all the
parts of the plant EXCEPT THC. Because the THC is removed to a NON
DETECTABLE LEVEL there is almost no risk of testing positive for THC
(although still theoretically possible).  Since all the other plant
compounds are still present there is still the possibility of having and
“entourage effect”

Terpenes are the compounds found in nature that are responsible for
smells.  The smell you associate with pine trees, oranges, and
strawberries all come from different concentrations of terpenes.  There
are over 200 known terpenes in the cannabis plant.  Full research is
still being conducted on what all terpenes do but they are being
credited with how using cannabis can interact with the body.  Some
terpenes are credited with being energizing, relaxing, or helping you
feel focused.  Common terpenes found in cannabis are Myrcene (smell like
cloves), Pinene (the main terpene found in pine trees), Caryophyllene
(found in basil, black pepper, and cinnamon), Limonene (a derivative of
pinene and the main terpene in citrus plants), and Linalool (found in
lavendar and having distinctive floral notes).

Full and Broad spectrum hemp products have naturally occurring terpenes
still present and may increase the “entourage effect”.  Each hemp strain
has it’s own combination of terpenes giving them their own unique smell.


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